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“Paws of Excellence”

Midnight Acres Kennel


What achieving Paws of Excellence means to us:

Excellence - In puppy health!

Excellence - In puppy socialization!

Excellence - In breed conformation!

Excellence – In adult and puppy care!

Excellence – In customer service before and after the sale!

Midnight Acres Kennel is located in Lebanon Missouri.  We have been providing puppies to the most wonderful families, since 1997.  Many have kept in contact with us over the years and we have been able to see their puppies and families grow.  We take pride in the fact that our relationship with you does not end when you take home a puppy. As a conscientious breeders, experienced puppy counselors, and die-hard puppy lovers we adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. We have beautiful havanese puppies for sale and Miniature Pinscher puppies for sale.

We hope you can visit us and see our available puppies for sale in person, if not, we do ship with commercial airlines.  Our flight booking agent is www.airboundpets.com

Havanese Puppies For Sale

Havanese - Friendly, playful, alert and intelligent with a sweet, non-quarrelsom disposition.  Havanese is a small sturdy dog of immense charm and spirited personality. They are natural companion dogs, gentle and responsive.

Midnight Acres Kennel

Pat Self

24960 McClurg Dr.

Lebanon, MO  65536



Miniature Pinscher Puppies For Sale

Miniature Pinscher - Known as the "King of the Toys," the Miniature Pinscher is alert, spirited and fearless. Min Pins may be stubborn, but they are also very smart and will try to out think you.

Min Pins Guarantee

Now offering a 5-year limited guarantee!!

Havanese midnightacres@gmail.com

Deposits are non-refundable

Come in, grab your favorite beverage and browse through Midnight Acres Kennel website.  We have lots of adorable Havanese Puppies for sale and Miniature Pincher puppies for sale.