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Midnight Acres Kennel
Average rating:  
 40 reviews
 by Lynn S.
110% The Best

We adopted our precious baby in June 2022. Our little Ellie Mae is the love of my life (next to my husband). Everyone that meets her wants her!!! She is perfect in every way. Don’t get me wrong she definitely has an attitude and thinks she is the BOSS (Travis warned us she was a feisty one), but she is also so loving.
The kennel was amazingly clean, puppies well cared for and happy. If you’re looking for a great companion, this is the place to find one. Thank you

 by Tammy C.

We were so impressed with how clean it was and all the puppies were happy well groomed and clean. I have never seen such a clean happy puppy environment as this one was. The manager Travis was so personable and good with the puppies. If you are looking for a puppy, I highly recommend this place.

 by Ladina J.
Cha and Rusy

I wanted to express how pleased we are to have our two fur babies, Cha Cha and Rudy.

We have had them for two weeks and they are doing great! Little Cha Cha has never had an accident in the house. Little Rudy has had a few but doing very well too.

Our vet gave them a clean bill of health. He said he could tell they were very smart little dogs.

We are blessed to have found Midnight Acres Kennels.

(I couldn’t figure out how to send photo of them)

 by Linda
Rita & Faise

I just want to say thank you so much we purchased 2 Havanese 18 years ago when it was the previous name. We have our 18 1/2 year old Rita that has been nothing but pure joy. We lost Faise at 161/2 years we love our babies. Thank you again.

 by Konnie
Daisy Mae

Hello Pat and the Midnight Acres family!

This is the second puppy we have purchased from Pat and she is by far the BEST Havanese Breeder in MO.
Daisy is a fun, playful and very smart little girl. I do mean little! She is exactly what I was looking for! She appears healthy and happy and sees her Vet for her rabies in June.
Daisy does have one eye that tracks slightly differently than the other. Pat fully disclosed this to us prior to even coming.

We referred a friend of ours to Pat as she searches for her new little baby.

Thank you Pat for placing Daisy in our arms! We would not have another dog if it wasn’t for you and a Havanese! It takes a team effort to create the quality pups you raise. Thank you to ALL of you who took part in giving us our precious Daisy!

 by Meg

Pat was fantastic to work with, we are so thankful we found her. She answered all of our calls, and helped us thru the process. We love our River boy (maltipoo), he is the perfect addition to our family! Highly recommend Midnight acre Kennels.

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I adopted a puppy back in October.  I believe you guys had him named Flint.  We named him Oliver.  He has turned out to be amazing.   I got him after I had to put one of my Shar Pei down.  He has helped me so much.  I cant leave the room or get up in the middle of the night without him getting up and being right there. I had shoulder surgery in November and was stuck in a recliner for days.  Oliver stayed by my side the whole time.  I cant tell you how much I love him.  Im so happy I found you guys and found him.  

Thank you so much,
Dawn S.

Lakien - Midnight Acres Kennel Puppy

I adopted Lakien (Charlie) in the fall and she has had such an incredible impact on my life. She is beautiful and such an amazing little friend. I love her so much! 

Hi Pat,
Hope all is well.

We are wishing Tommy Happy Birthday today. 8 years young. We thank you again for our very special family member. He is truly unique and we love him so much.


Arlene & Joe A.

Tommy - Midnight Acres Kennel Puppy

He is doing very well. We are working on potty training and he is doing well considering the cold. He is so spunky and fun. I put a coat on him to go out today in the snow. He ran around and came back dragging it to the door.  🤣

Susan T.

Thanks so much for checking in. Sent all that. He is doing so well. Such a lovey and really settled in and part of our family. Thanks for raising a sweet pup. 

Laura G.

Tex is doing great! My vet is Pet Pals in St Peter’s, Mo. He’s in great shape!! I’ll email you a receipt.

Tex has accumulated very well! He likes to be busy and I keep him that way!  I pretty much take him wherever I go! 

He loves people!

Kevin K.

They are now Cody and Daisy and are wonderful furbabies! Travis and Pat were very helpful when selecting Cody and Daisy. Travis delivered them with loving care by plane to Boston. Cody and Daisy are absolutely wonderful family members, love to play and cuddle. From people we meet on the street to our vet and groomer, everybody loves them! 

Trish and Bob P.
Medford, MA

Hi all,

Just wanted to share this photo of my beautiful girls from Midnight Acres Kennel. We love them so dearly! Cleo (all white) 2 yrs this September + Gracie, just turned 1 in May:)


Cleo (all white) 2 yrs this September + Gracie, just turned 1 in May
Cleo & Gracie

Hello Pat,
Our Blossom was just 2 years old on May 17 and I can’t tell you how happy I am with her. I thank you everyday for sending me the best, loving companion.

Kindest regards,
Anita Favaro

I’d like to write a review and include pictures of my two beautiful girls, Itsy Bitsy and Sydney. They not only make us smile every day but also the clients in my office. We have to check purses and bookbags to make sure the clients aren’t sneaking them home. Only kidding! They are just over a year old and Itsy just hit 5 lbs and Sidney is 7 lbs. We couldn’t be happier and neither could Itsy and Syd! Here’s to loving wonderful pups!
Tracy Belton, Mount Dora, FL

Our Little Louie (Thayer) is doing great and delights us and all who meet him with his love and funny antics all the time! He’s six months old now! A well behaved little character and potty trained to his pad. He loves walks. Can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful breeder and we recommend you to everyone we meet! Two of our friends bought two puppies from you about two months ago and are so thrilled with their sweet fur babies as well. Don’t know if you remember an older couple named Jinny Perrin ( bright red-dyed hair!!! *) and her guy friend Don. She bought the tiny brown and white tea -cup sized Havanese and he bought an all honey colored bigger one. Hope you stay in business for a long time cause y’all are the very best. I’m hoping to get another from you after Little Louie gets a little older… much appreciation to you all. Mary and Phil Chilton Have a Blessed Easter!

Midnight Acres Kennel Puppy

Dear Travis and Pat,

I just wanted to tell you that Gabby which we thought we would call
her Piper but once we saw her we have changed her name to Taffy has stolen our hearts and has changed my husband’s depressed attitude to being so positive . I think Taffy is his angel.

I took her to the vet today and they too fell in love with her and they really didn’t want to give her back to me .lol

She displayed her wonderful personality to them. She was in great health . I’m not sure if there is something I must send back to you. Please let me know.

I brought Stephanie’s Mitzy over and to two played all afternoon. It was so fun to watch
Thank you so much for bringing happiness to our family.

Pat and Travis,

Thank you so much for sending Cooper (formerly Cain) into our lives! He is so amazing.  Adorable, of course, but funny and sweet and full of personality.  While he weighs in just over 2 pounds right now, I think he thinks he’s 50 🙂  He’s been such a bright spot for my son who has a new best friend, and my husband and me!

Thank you both again for everything!


Hi Pat,

Just wanted to share how delighted we are with our sweet guy, Pascal.  He’s adjusted very well, and is doing great!  We’re in Paw School, working on all sorts of skills, which is so much fun. 

I hope you’re well.

All the best,

Puppy - Pascal

Hi Pat,

I’m writing you about our beloved Havanese who was born on February 10, 2021. Your name for her was Ms. Bristol and we now call her Layla. 

Layla is now a year and a half old and weighs just 5 pounds. She is truly adorable and has an extremely outgoing personality. My wife and I live in New York City and in Montauk, NY, a small 3000 population beach town 110 miles from NYC. Small breed dogs are very popular in both places. 

Even though Layla is no longer a puppy she strives to meet, greet, and play with every person and every dog we encounter on our daily beach walk. Her spunk and willingness to play with dogs ten times her size has made her very popular and practically famous amongst our Montauk beachgoers. 

The inevitable first question from other people is “What breed is she?” always brings a surprised reaction when we say she’s a Havanese. As you know, a five pound Havanese would likely be mistaken for a Maltese. I tell you this because I am guessing that Midnight Acres sometimes makes an effort to breed your dogs to be smaller since that is a popular trait. Layla is half or even one third the size of any of the other Havanese that we’ve encountered and I thought it would be helpful for you to know the results of breeding Midnight Joey and Midnight Bree.

We are crazy about her and would like to thank you for doing such a great job of breeding her and socializing her before she came to us. 

She seems to be in excellent health although she’s had a number of gastrointestinal issues over the months because she likes to eat things on the beach. Like a lot of other small breeds she seems to be incredibly picky about what she eats at home but as she matures she seems to be getting better about not eating random bad stuff outdoors.

Thanks again for this treasure of a dog! – John and Lynda

Puppy - Layla

Winnie is doing wonderful.   To say that she is loved is an understatement.   She is definitely the princess of the house.   She has been to the vet twice.  One for her immediate check up the day after we got her and one for her update on shots.  She did great.   Last checkup she is weighing 3 pounds 9 ozs.   She is eating great and plays hard.   She is still having some accidents in the house, but we are working on that.   All in all, she has been the perfect addition to our family and can’t thank you enough.   

I had sent her vet records to you, but maybe they did not go through.   I have them at home, I will send them tomorrow if that is ok?

Here are a couple picks of our Winnie.   My niece had a Princess Party, so Winnie had to join in on the fun.    I will definitely go on and give reviews and I am sharing your information with everyone.  

Thank you for checking in on her.  Have a great day! – Becky S.

I can’t believe these two are 4 1/2 years old.  It feels like only yesterday they came into our lives.  Love these guys so much. They fill my life with joy. Thanks Pat and your wonderful crew.

Two puppies

Ohhh good! 

Fancy is what we named her (Fanya was her name when we got her). She is currently about 8 pounds and full of energy and joy!  She loves to eat and she plays well with my 6 year old daughter and my 2 year old Biewer Terrier.  Fancy is a great addition to our family and I am so glad we chose Midnight Acres!  It was definitely worth the 2 hour drive.  Thank you all so much!  We will keep in touch….

Tamiel Y. B.

Day one went so well with Button (now Novaa) she is responding to Novaa, and potty training is going well, we’ve had one accident! Crate training is also going good! She enjoys play time with her toys and also her kong! As well as long naps! Here are a few pictures since she’s been away.

-Sabariz P.

Luna is coming up on 6 months old and I just wanted to send a picture update. She is loving her home and the cold weather we are getting here in New York. She is truly the sweetest pup anyone could ask for and is getting spoiled with lots of treats and toys! Couldnt have asked for a better experience with you guys so thank you very much.

-Chris C.

Hi Pat
I’m Riley’s mama I just wanted to say thank you for Riley he’s the most amazing puppy, I’ve ever seen much less ever owned, he’s soooo active lol loving friendly incredibly intelligent, and yes spoiled he’s amazing a pure joy to be around.

I’ve included a couple pictures hope that’s ok. The reason I’m sending this message is his birthday is coming up on the 3rd of February and was wondering when I should start him on adult food, as well as to find out what you feed your adult dogs. I hope this message finds you well.

Thank you so much for bring such happiness in to our lives.

Hi Pat
Here’s a picture of Rose on her 7th and 8th Birthday. She continues to be the love of our life. She is so smart and always ready to play of go for a walk!

Are you still breeding Havanese?

Your friends Rod & Carol A.

Hi Pat,
Thank you so much for our sweet (August) Louis! He has since turned 1 yr old and has been a great blessing and addition to our family! He is full of energy and a load of fun! He is so smart and was easy to train. Thank you again!!! – Abby B.

August - Louis

I can’t believe they are three. They are such good dogs. Thank you so much. – Mary B.

Hi Pat,

We just wanted to say thank you for sending us “Barb”, now “Charlie”! She is such an amazing puppy and is doing great. She loves playing with all her toys and is adjusting well to our home. We took her to the vet yesterday and all is well. She is teething a lot right now – let us know if you have any suggestions! All the best. -Kathryn M.

Smiles that always brighten my day!!! -Mary

Hi Pat,
We are in love with little Lanark. We are thrilled to have him join our family and he seems very happy. I was wondering if you could send us a photo of his parents. We are so curious to see who he came from. -Dana S.

Dear Ms. Self

It’s been a year since I got this little treasure from you. You called him Taggart. I named him Mojo because I needed some good Mojo in my life. He has been really good Mojo for me. He’s 11lbs of love and fun. Thank you for my very special puppy. -Erin B.

Hope you are safe and all the puppies with you! Yo’te is growing fast. He is such a joy. He lost 4 teeth last week. Stay safe.

Dear Pat, it is hard to believe our Gigi ( now Gracie) will be a year old tomorrow. She has grown up and now loves her favorite chair in the living room. She is a real sweetheart with a very mischievous streak. She loves to play in her backyard and is always up for a long game of fetch. She needs a little trim but with the pandemic the dog grooming salons are closed here in Maryland but she tolerates us giving her a little trim here and there.

On rainy days she longs to go outside but she finds plenty of things to do inside. We lover her dearly and thought you would like to know she is doing very well and is a happy puppy. Please take care,
-Ann and Rob C.

We are in love! Our pup came form you… he was born 10/3/2018 Sire-Midnight Peter, Dam-Midnight Ida…We are in Simi Valley, CA and we bought him from My Playful Puppy (who no longer sells due to the new California laws) His name is “Jax” just wanted to reach out and send you a few pictures, our little guy is the most wonderful dog!

I wanted to email you to let you know how grateful my husband, Ryan, and I are for Young Willow! We have been working from home during California quarantine and Willow has been a wonderful addition to our little family. She loves taking an afternoon break for her midday workout. She is getting used to the city life, but often likes to keep warm when San Francisco gets a bit windy. And she’s ever-so curious. Lately she has been crawling under the bed (hilarious) and brought this scrunchie to me after I thought I had lost it. Thank heavens! She is getting better each day with crate training, and her parents are learning a lot about her as well. Thank you so much for bringing Willow into our lives! -Alicia & Ryan B.

Fiona is one year old today. She’s beautiful and very affectionate.

Our family was so happy to meet Shane. We had named him Sully. He arrived safely to our home this morning. We are just North of Boston in a town called Wakefield Massachusetts. We are in love. Thank you for raising such a great puppy for us.

Dear Pat, Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that Bucky (Seth) has settled into his new home in Brooklyn. We are astonished by his mild mannered and lovely temperament. He is so loving and not fearful of new experiences. His first night in his crate went super smoothly. We are over the moon in love with him. He is so comfortable in our care and we know that he will have the best life possible in our family. Thank you for sending all the updated photos of him on Puppyspot, it was sheer agony waiting the six weeks for him to come home. Rest assured he will have a loving and very happy life with us. -Jackie W.

Here is an updated picture of Luna we renamed her as Nilla. My five-year-old daughter came up with the name since she kind of looks like vanilla per my daughter. She’s doing well and is a very sweet dog. She potty trained and healthy. She sits when we tell her and Fetches her balls. Thank u for her my daughters adore her!! – Amy G.

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