Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to assist you 365 days a year. We provide support via email and phone to our existing extended Midnight Acres family and any potential new families.

What should I pack for Pick-Up of my New Puppy?

  • Baby Wipes in case of nausea during the drive home
  • Puppy Pad
  • Soft Blanket/Towel
  • Crate
  • Small dog toy
  • Cash or credit card for payment

What is my new puppy eating?

Your puppy has been eating Bil-Jak Puppy Select Formula Dog Food.  You can find a dealer at

What comes with my puppy?

  • Up to date on vaccinations and dewormings
  • Record of vaccinations and deworming (take with you to the vet)
  • Vet checked
  • Microchip (with instructions to register in your name)
  • APRI registration for Havanese, Maltese & Poodles
  • Instructions on caring for your new puppy and crate training.
  • Sample of puppy food.
  • One-year genetic health guarantee.
  • 24/7 availability to get your questions answered on your new puppy.
  • If your puppy is shipped this info will be taped to the top of the crate.

How are puppies registered?

We register our puppies with APRI, American Pet Registry, INC

Can I get updated photos?

If you have recently adopted your puppy and would like photos, let us know! We will gladly send you photos every two weeks so that you can watch your companion grow before your eyes! 

What type of guarantee do you offer?

Please Click Here to read our full guarantee.

Can you hold a puppy for me with no deposit?

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold a puppy for any duration of time without a deposit. We do understand that you may need time to think about such a large decision, and we encourage that you do so! Unfortunately too many times, after time to think, customers have decided that a certain puppy is not the right one for them. Every minute of holding a puppy may lead to the puppy missing out on a wonderful family who is very interested in receiving them. If you are ready to adopt, a deposit is absolutely required. This deposit will hold the puppy up to two weeks after their go home date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, which accepts major credit or debit cards. A 3.5% charge will be applied to Credit Card and PayPal payments to cover the additional merchant fee. And of course cash (our favorite).

How does shipping a puppy work?

We have been shipping puppies for many years and find it to be a very simple and effective way of getting a puppy to its new forever home. We ship once a week, on Fridays. We use Airbound Pets to book our puppies and transport them safely to the Kansas City Airport. Before we send the puppy to their new home, they will visit our veterinarian to receive one last examination and the health certificate they need to fly.

The pup is sent home with all of their paperwork (exams, vaccination record, registration papers, etc), secured directly on top of the puppy’s crate. Puppies fly in their own individual airline approved travel crate for the customer to keep. Directly attached to the crate will be a food and water dish filled with hard food and ice chips for the pup’s convenience during travel. They will also have shredded paper on the crate, to cover any potty accidents they may have during their travels.

​​The puppy travels in a pressure, temperature, and altitude controlled cargo center in the plane. This area is designated for safe animal travel and has specific airline handlers. If your puppy has a layover, they will be offered more food and water if needed at that time.

We are very confidence in their ability to give our puppies the utmost best treatment. They continuously go above and beyond what is asked of them to ensure our puppies have everything they could want or need during their travels to their new family.

​US Domestic shipping fee: $425 (one puppy)* Price subject to change without notice.

*If you are interested in receiving two puppies into your family, ask about a discount.

With the airlines having more regulations placed on them, it is getting harder to fly a puppy in cargo. As an alternative we are going to offer a Nanny Service. This will be a trained person flying with your puppy. You would meet them at the baggage claim section. Price will be $1000.

What kind of treats and toys should I get for my puppy?

​Young puppies tend to love plush toys that squeak as it encourages their playful nature and small hard chew toys. As they age you may find they also enjoy ropes to tug on, tennis balls to chase and chew on, and cow hooves to gnaw on, as it helps with their teething and keeping their mouth clean. First toys can include: Nylabone Just for Puppies Key Ring, Kong Puppy Binkie, Dog Rope Chew Toy, Pet Safe Stuffed Toy.

I do not recommend treats for young puppies, it is important they get their nutrition and calories from the puppy food. As your puppy ages, Milk Bones and Greenies are great for your teething pooch. Puppies are more inclined to chew on hard objects during the teething process in order to help remove their baby teeth. Hard treats and Greenies are also great at removing plaque and keeping your dog’s breath fresh.

Here is what I use for my house dogs:

Pet Crate

Richell Expandable Pet Crate 

Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray

Both can be purchased on Amazon.

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